SPA Definitions

According to the general definition: “defined as “a method of treatment used by a professional team to relax the body and reduce pain with the help of water and various aromatic care products.”

In general terms, we can say that health, vitality, aesthetics and beauty can be achieved by the healing power of water and various procedures.

International definition: “Places where holistic health is promoted by revitalizing the body, resting the soul, and stimulating the mind through a variety of professional practices.”

Moreover, these are therapeutic values, combined with a feeling of relaxation and rest, together with the application of hot, cold and various forms of water, such as pouring, dripping, splashing. But in this century, although there are not only water treatments, the definition of a spa also includes various health-promoting treatments, such as various massages and aromatherapy, as well as beauty and wellness treatments.

Roots and origins of the concept of “SPA”

With the original name “Sanitas Per Aquam” (SPA), which means “Health from water”, this is the name given from the water therapy that has been used from the Romans to the present day. Water treatment is used in the sense of healing from the use of water, an integrative therapy, in which the sensations of peace and relief are acquired, obtained by using hot, cold and various forms of water (flowing, dripping, showering, spraying).

Spa Benefits

The spa includes methods that bring many benefits both mentally and physically. The methods used in therapy, combined with the beauty of the environment, have a relaxing effect on your soul, while aromatherapy and massage techniques relax your body. The spa uses different types of massage. You can choose methods according to your body’s needs or your expectations.

Aromatherapy oils and products used during the massage restructure the skin and give it a fresh look. Massage oils are cultivated to give vitality to your body.


A spa has many benefits. Some of them:

  • This is one of the fastest methods used to remove toxins from the body.
  • Supports the normal functioning of the digestive system.
  • Plays a role in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.
  • Helps regulate blood circulation.
  • Helps the body regain its momentum.
  • Helps eliminate factors such as mental fatigue and stress. Eliminates the negative impact of the modern pace of life on the nervous system.
  • Eliminates excess tension in the body and provides relaxation.
  • Allows muscles to soften and relax. Helps relieve fatigue and muscle spasms after hard sports training.

How the spa works?

When it comes to spa treatments, water treatments should not come to mind. The main elements of this care are healing stones and aromatic oils. Professional massage techniques are as important as water, aromatic oils, salts and stones.

SPA is a type of massage using water. However, the energy of natural stones and the effect of aromatic oils are also used. Once the method that will suit the needs of the person is determined, one can begin. Aromatic oils and natural stones to be used during the application are also included in the method according to the needs of the person. Massages regulate human blood circulation and provide mental and physical relaxation.

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