Sauna Benefits

  • Immediately after the sauna, you feel reborn. It relaxes on a physical and psychological level. Strengthens the protective immune system and prevents diseases and infections in the body.
  • Changes in appearance are noticeable immediately. Helps to lose weight. It has a beneficial effect on various dysfunctions (asthma, headache, high blood pressure, etc.).
  • The sauna provides various benefits for everyone. Everyone agrees that regular use of the sauna has a positive effect on physical and mental health.
  • The production of antibodies increases due to an increase in body temperature.
  • When the temperature rises, there is an expansion of blood vessels and, accordingly, an acceleration of blood circulation. Our body tries to maintain a constant body temperature by cooling the skin, intense sweating occurs.
  • Sauna gives a young and rested appearance to the human body. By opening the pores on the skin, dead cells in the top layer of the skin are removed.
  • Intense perspiration regulates the balance of water and toxins in the human body. Especially when visiting the sauna after sports, the lactic acid secreted by the body after sports and causing muscle pain is excreted from the body with sweat.
  • Regular visits to the sauna are good for rheumatism and arthritis, for pain in the body, relaxing the muscles.

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