What is peeling?

Although peeling seems to be a simple process, it has certain features. Before starting the procedure, we need to prepare our body for it. This process will soften the skin on the body and make the exfoliation process more pleasant and comfortable.

Peeling with a peeling sponge

Before starting the peeling procedure, you need to prepare the body. This preparation will soften your skin and make the procedure more pleasant. Preparation is carried out as follows: You lie down on the marble surface in the center of the hamam, at this time the air temperature is regulated so that the stone is warm and your body is relaxed. This ensures the perspiration needed for the next step. The skin is softened by the warmth of the stone, making it ready for the peeling treatment. Another important point is that you can not use soap or any other cleanser before peeling. Soap makes it difficult to remove dead skin.

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Peeling should be done by professionals

The scrubbing cloth must be suitable for use and the person performing the procedure must be a professional. If the procedure is not performed by a professional, then pressing the washcloth too hard can damage the skin, and if it is too weak, then dead skin cells will not be removed properly. Removing dead skin cells with a scrub is a natural and natural procedure. There are dozens of ways to do this.

Benefits of Peeling

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  • It accelerates blood circulation under the skin and supports cell proliferation and regeneration.
  • One of its most important benefits is that it cleanses your skin of dead skin cells, therefore helping to prevent the formation of ingrown skin patches.
  • It opens the pores so your skin breathes easily and always looks fresh.
  • Helps to remove cellulite
  • It prevents the formation of acne, as it eliminates harmful substances in the body.
  • If you have oily skin, peeling helps to clean the surface of the epidermis from oily secretions and prevents oily skin.
  • Another advantage of the procedure is that it supports the strengthening of the immune system through the formation of renewed cells.
  • It will also help you achieve smooth legs and beautiful skin.
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Foam massage

At our spa located at Le Spa Antalya Konyaaltı, our professional team carefully performs foam massage. The scrubbing foam massage technique, an ancient Turkish tradition, is an effective method of refreshing the skin and making it look healthy by getting rid of dead cells.

Over time, the skin becomes difficult to breathe due to factors such as dirt and sweat. Closing of the pores is inevitable for various reasons both in the winter and summer months. When the pores are closed, it is impossible to achieve thorough cleansing with a regular shower and bath, and the effect of your care is lost over time.

The whole body of a person who is being massaged is covered with soapy foam. The foam covering the whole body makes the skin silky. With this treatment, a unique and relaxing massage session begins.

The purpose of the scrub-foam massage is to open the pores of the entire body, remove dead skin and return it to its previous healthy state.

Benefits of foam massage

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  • Scrub foam massage is known to provide many benefits for your skin to glow and look healthy.
  • By scrubbing your entire body and clearing the lifeless, unhealthy layer from the surface of your skin, your skin will breathe and be able to take in oxygen from the outside.
  • In a scrub-foam massage, the skin is first cleansed to remove all the dead layer. With the help of a natural organic bag, the top layer is cleaned along with the foam without damaging the cover and the skin is given the opportunity to breathe again.
  • Age spots that are not cleaned properly and covered with dead cells inevitably interact with the sun. Removing dead cells from our skin with a scrubbing foam massage is an important factor in preventing this blemish problem.
  • An important condition for having healthy skin is that it can breathe easily. This can be achieved by applying a foam scrub massage at regular intervals.
  • After the scrub and foam massage, your skin will feel as fresh as ever, and its radiance and healthy appearance will make you feel good. It has been observed that with regular use at regular intervals, skin problems are reduced, and the frequency of problems such as acne and inflammation occurring in the hair follicles is reduced.

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